I liked it, it has a nice savory flavor, not too salty, maybe just a little bitter (in a good way.)
Johnny Precache
Really enjoying this season. Not only is it amazing on meat I have been using it in scramble eggs and more. The flavors in this seasoning is like nothing I have ever had before. Looking forward to this year's summer cook out as this is going to be used ALOT!!!
Michael Pignataro
I do all the cooking in my house, and how I do love a dry rub for grilling and roasting meat! Of course, I do often make my own mix of seasonings, but it's generally "a bit of this, a bit of that." Slather on some sauce, and no one will know the difference! This method is pretty random, however, ...
Kevin Glick
I got both the beef and the pork seasoning for my husband, who loves to cook meat, and he was excited to try both of them, as was I! The seasonings are both supremely delicious, and I gave all of the compliments to my husband! I'm really looking forward to the next time he cooks with them. Thank ...
Avery Auer

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