What is a steak?

So what is a steak? That is a great question. There are so many to choose form it can get a bit confusing. Basically a steak can be made from just about any part of the cow and has more to do with the cut than the location. Steaks are portions of beef that are cut thin to cook fast (usually between 3/4” thin steaks to 1 1/2” thick cut)

If it’s not confusing enough, steaks can also change names within inches of each other on the cow depending on where they are cut. For example, according to the USDA guidelines, a T-Bone becomes a Porterhouse Steak when the fillet portion of steak is at least 1.25” thick at its widest point. A T-bone must have a fillet portion at least 1/4” thick and anything smaller is considered a Club Steak.

porterhouse and tbone

Speaking of T-Bone, what part of the cow dose the T-Bone come from? Another great question! The T-Bone comes from a portion of the cow called the Short Loin as it begins to cross through the Tenderloin (Tenderloin being the area where Fillet Mignon comes from). So hopefully that gives you an idea of why the T-Bone is considered probably one of the top four steaks.

Beef chart


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