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Spinach Summer Salad

This is a real treat and a great summer refresher that everyone is sure to love.  






Ingredient List:


1 bag of ready to use spinach or spinach and mixed greens

1 bottle of your favorite plain vinaigrette salad dressing (just the standard vinegar, oil and mixed seasonings) We like Newman's Own.

1 large basket of strawberries

1/4 cup or less of sugar (sweeten to taste)


Step One:

Core all the strawberries, and place them aside. Place salad dressing into blender and put about eight of them in the blender and blend for about 20 seconds.  Place about half of the sugar into the blender and blend for another 20 seconds and taste test.  Repeat the last step until it is sufficiently sweet.  


Step Two:

Place salad into salad bowl and slice the remaining strawberries in with the the salad.  Toss and refrigerate both the salad and the dressing for at least 1 hour prior to serving.  




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