How To Crack, Peel and Chop Fresh Garlic

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This is the easiest and quickest way to Crack, peel and chop garlic I know and it will make you life in the kitchen that much easier. Here is how it's done.

Step 1: Cracking the Garlic Head

Cracking that garlic head is easy and does not take a lot of strength or effort. Just place the root end of the garlic head in the palm of your hand and press the top of the garlic head onto the counter or cutting board. Use two hands if necessary and rock the garlic head around in a circular motion while you are pressing down. This will separate the individual cloves very quickly.

Step 2: Peeling the Garlic Cloves

There are two ways to peel garlic cloves that I love. One is to simply rub each clove between the palms of your hands vigorously while applying a little pressure. The peels will fall right off.

The second method, used for mass quantities of garlic (two or more heads), is to place all the individual cloves into a tall glass jar, close the lid and shake vigorously back and forth, until the slamming of the cloves on the top and bottom of the jar breaks off the peels. Some of the peals will stay partially on but they will be very easy to remove. 

Step 3: Mincing or Chopping the Garlic

Chopping the garlic is very simple when you learn this one easy trick. Before you try to chop the garlic clove, smash it with the flat side of your chef's knife just enough to break them up a bit to where they will not move once you start chopping.

Second is to use the third knuckles of your fingers of guide the blade up and down while chopping. You do this very carefully by bending the tips of the fingers bad slightly so only the knuckles touch the blade. Then you chop up and down being very careful not to bring the edge of the blade above your knuckles. The blade moves only in an up and down motion against your knuckles as you move your knuckles backward across the garlic clove.

For more information Please see our demonstration video below.


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